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Asteroids & Remote Planets Section

As one of the BAA's observing sections, we aim to cover all aspects of those smaller Solar System objects termed asteroids, minor planets, dwarf planets, Centaurs, trans-Neptunian objects, Plutinos, near-Earth objects, etc. Much of the Section's activities will be observation based, so this includes CCD/webcam imaging, astrometry, photometry, occultation monitoring and visual telescopic observation. However there are lots of other areas where you can participate as a Section Member such as those relating to the impact hazard, orbital motion, history of discovery and observation, evolution of the Solar System and spacecraft missions to such bodies to name a few.

Section News

Asteroid 2017 FN1 caught on camera at closest approach
Richard Miles / Peter Birtwhistle, 2017 Mar 27
Director visiting Australia
Richard Miles, 2017 Feb 26

Section Officers

DirectorDr Richard Miles Assistant Director (Astrometry)Peter Birtwhistle Assistant Director (Occultations)Tim Haymes