Mars Mapper App Updated for 2022

Which side of Mars is facing Earth tonight?

Mars is approaching opposition in December 8, 2022. For the latest news, information and imagery from the current apparition, be sure to read Richard McKim’s Mars Opposition 2022 Blog.

The Red Planet can reveal a wealth of surface detail in quality telescopes of 6-inch (15-cm) aperture and larger when seeing conditions permit and the instrument is fully acclimatised to the outdoor temperature. Even a 3-inch (7.6-cm) ‘scope is sufficient to reveal larger features such as the Syrtis Major or Hellas.  However, there is always the possibility that a Martian dust storm will obscure areas of interest. With the experience of 2018 in mind, observers should be monitoring Hellas, plus the Serpentis and Solis Lacus regions for dust clouds.

Our Mars Mapper 2022 web app previewed here not only helps you identify the main Martian surface features visible from through to early 2023, but also generates a wealth of useful data for observers. Note that the app does not show the varying size of Mars’ south polar cap, nor the planet’s considerable phase several weeks before or after opposition. Mars Mapper is also available in Desktop and Smartphone flavours (the links open in new windows).

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