17″ CDK Option for BAA

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Maxim Usatov

My team is currently setting up a 17″ CDK in Spain with IMX455-based CMOS. It will have a user-friendly interface for reservation, plan generation, etc. The telescope is already operational, but we need now to finalize all the scripting, web front-end, logic, and a few other things. Here are more details about this endeavor:


I would like to negotiate donating a specific portion of time on this telescope to BAA. I would appreciate if someone could provide me with any pointers on how to start this. It has UBVRI set of Johnson/Bessel filters, in addition to LRGB, H-alpha, OIII and SII filters, so fully ready for photometry. In fact, we are thinking about connecting my MetroPSF program to the front-end, so if you need quick photometry you can just quickly specify the target and get fully reduced photometry – automated, even in real-time, if needed. (But that’s in the future…)

This is the first telescope our team is setting up and we would be very interested to be of use for BAA, especially if the data is used for scientific research and publications.