2019 Observing statistics for Tarbatness Highland Scotland

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Denis Buczynski

Some of my observing statistics for 2019 at Tarbatness Highland Scotland are as follows:
Number of nights astrometric images were taken and measured 65 ( over 600 individual comet positions submitted to MPC)
Monthly nights when comet imaging was undertaken, ( nights of full or near full moon condtions did not allow comet imaging)
Jan 9, Feb7, Mar 4, Apr 7, May 2, August 6, Sept 9, Oct 8, Nov 6 Dec 8.

Number of meteors recorded on two cameras were 3937 ( there are duplicates in these as the fields overlap)

Number of nights on which meteors were recorded 214 ( this is a rough measure of when some clear sky allowed meteors to be recorded. On some nights are only there are only short periods of clear but other nights have long clear periods. The cameras are not operating in the months from mid May- mid August due to all night twilight at this lattitude 58d N.

Monthly nights on meteor cameras; Jan 24, Feb 26, March 22, April 15, May 10, August 20, Sept 24, Oct 25, Nov 20, Dec 28

Hours at the telescope, in the observing room at the computer. imaging for aurora and noctilicent clouds were not recorded.

Denis Buczynski