3 oddities.

Dr Paul Leyland

A few glitches. In another tab right now I have https://britastro.org/observations/user.php open. It shows me “Showing images 1 to 40 of 8972” rather than just my own uploaded images. Curiously enough, when I first went there after logging on it did as I expected.Although it is clear how to filter by object name, it is not at all apparent to me on how to search by username.

Next was an attempt to find my Barnard’s star upload to see whether animated GIFs work. Setting the search to “Stars” and Library to “Member Images” resulted in a different set being displayed, some of which were tagged as stars. The majority (an image of the “Copernicus area” for instance) did not.  Adding “Barnard’s Star” into the object box did not change the results found.

Logging out and logging in again fixed the first problem. I then went to the Barnard’s Star image and found that the animated GIF now works perfectly.  Brilliant! However, the comment is now incorrect but if I try to remove it an error response is given