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Gary Poyner

I first met Ron at the Winchester weekend of 1978. I was in awe of his ‘astro-photography’, and can still remember those stunning photo’s of M42 which he used to display in the reception area of King Alfreds College. He turned up to a few VS meetings over the years, along with those held by the Deep Sky Section. It was always a pleasure to see him again and have a chat. His search for perfection in his telescopes was always a source of amusement to me (and others I have to say), and I would often ask him what telescope he had taken apart since we last met. Each year that he attened Winchester, he would invite me to break my journey home to Birmingham to visit him and see his observatory set-up. An offer I never did take up, and one which I truly regret now. My thoughts are with Pat at this sad time.


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