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Jeremy Shears

The nova, V1674 Her, is still 3-4 magnitudes above quiescence (latest entry in VSS database: Apr 2 at mag 16.7 by Nick James) as shown in the accompanying light curve. Well worth following now that Hercules is more readily accessible. As Prof Joe Patterson (Columbia U and Center for Backyard Astrophysics) noted: “We are just getting started on this amazing star… and I bet others are, too. In the history of novae, I think it will take a high place in the pantheon, alongside DQ Her, T Pyx, and V1500 Cyg”

A recent ATel ( said optical spectroscopy suggests it has returned to quiescence, which is curious since the progenitor was 20.5g. The final chapter on this neon nova is far from being written…..