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    Alan Thomas

    I have just watched it. Very interesting. Also the presentation on the Unistellar eVscope.



    Jeremy Shears

    Down to about mag 11 as of today (June 20)

    David Boyd

    Those following the class of this nova may be interested to know that the recent ATel 14728 has reported that it now looks more like a He/N nova than Fe II as was being reported by ATels up until June 16th. This change actually happened within 36 hours of its discovery on June 12.54 UT as this compilation of amateur spectra shows. Compare these with the spectrum of Nova Sgr 1991 in figure 2 of Williams, The Formation of Novae Spectra, AJ, 104, 725 (1992).


    Mr Andrew Jeffries

    After hearing of the discovery of another nova and with the best chance I’d had in two weeks, I went hunting for it last night 27 June.  This was a lesson in the value of good polar alignment as I ended up using co-ordinates rather than star hopping.  After comparing my image with charts I managed to locate it and with Jeremy Shears magnitude estimate from last week I can see I almost missed this one.

    Jeremy Shears

    Still worth following this nova in her while the field is well placed. Fading the mag 15 now, though, but perhaps leveling off:

    Robin Leadbeater

    Now at mag 16 but still within range of a very low resolution spectrum with the ALPY200.

    The spectrum with several forbidden nebula lines looks similar to that of  another very fast nova Sgr 1991 at similar age in Gray & Corbally , where the tentative line identifications come from



    Jeremy Shears

    Updated light curve until end 2021. Currently 17th mag

    Jeremy Shears

    The nova, V1674 Her, is still 3-4 magnitudes above quiescence (latest entry in VSS database: Apr 2 at mag 16.7 by Nick James) as shown in the accompanying light curve. Well worth following now that Hercules is more readily accessible. As Prof Joe Patterson (Columbia U and Center for Backyard Astrophysics) noted: “We are just getting started on this amazing star… and I bet others are, too. In the history of novae, I think it will take a high place in the pantheon, alongside DQ Her, T Pyx, and V1500 Cyg”

    A recent ATel ( said optical spectroscopy suggests it has returned to quiescence, which is curious since the progenitor was 20.5g. The final chapter on this neon nova is far from being written…..

    Daryl Dobbs

    It’s certainly an interesting object, there is another Atel telegram posted after the one above, ( I posted both on the BAA Twitter and Facebook pages) which indicate modulation in X-Rays

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)
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