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David Strange

Update on this:
At least nineteen UK cameras caught the event – though some cameras were too close and got blinded, and others only caught a flash or a short part of the event. The event was also captured on several FRIPON/SCAMP cameras in the UK and France.
We’ve exchanged data with our colleagues in Canada and Europe and independent re-analysis is in progress. We take this approach to improve our confidence in the results. At this time it looks pretty promising and we’ll keep everyone informed.

The fireball was picked up on the following UK cameras:
UK0002, UK0006, UK000H, UK0020, UK0024, UK0025, UK002V, UK003C, UK003M, UK003N, UK004X, UK0051, UK005V, UK0067, UK006S, UK003E, UK003F, UK003N and NLO.

NLO video here: