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Andy Wilson

Overall I don’t think there has been a significant change to the site traffic. There has been an absence of new articles recently, but we often get gaps then a run of articles in quick succession. Comparing June this year with last year we have about a 25% fewer visitors but about about 20% more page views. These kind of fluctuations are pretty much inline with what I’ve seen previously, for example June 2022 had 15% fewer visitors and 20% fewer page views than May 2022.

With regards to the login not being remembered this is to do with WordPress rather than SheepCRM. I can add a request for remaining logged in to a list of changes for consideration. It is possible some prefer not being left logged in permanently, though I can see it can be a barrier. I was already in the habit of logging out before closing down my computer and then back in when I visited the website, so I’ve not noticed the difference.