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Daryl Dobbs

Excellent review on the EVscope, I’ve read very mixed opinions on this item, but Alan’s review is very informative and interesting from someone who uses it and clearly enjoys it and mentions the pros and cons without any commercial bias. It puts the reviews I’ve read online and also in some magazines, very much in the shade, perhaps it can be a standalone article on the website as I’m sure many people will find it very useful before they take the plunge and buy one.

Wal Best’s water tower observatory is unusual, climbing up and down at night looks fun! are there crash mats at the bottom I wonder? I had an observatory next to a pond, and yes I did end up in it one night much to the fish’s disapproval. I have heard of an observatory which didn’t rotate on wheels but golf balls acting like crude ball bearings, apparently it did work!

I too am a fan of the ASAIR but I have the V1 in the plastic case, a friend of mine has the V2+ with the external antenna but the WiFi range causes him problems as the range isn’t great, the V1 is slightly better in my opinion Wi-Fi range wise but one thing I wish they will do is not force people into software updates, some of their previous ones has caused no end of problems and rolling back to a previous version is an exercise in frustration.

I read with interest the comparison between the achromat and ED glass, something which I have wondered in the past if it is worth upgrading or just a manufacturers marketing gimmick to charge more for little improvement. Something else to put on my wish list.

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