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Jeremy Shears

Incredible as it may seem, it’s almost 3 years since the Great Dimming of Betelgeuse first hits the news. New papers continue to be published on the star, including a couple on the last 2 days:

UBVRI photometry of Betelgeuse over 23 years since 1999
Yojiro Ogane, Osamu Ohshima, Daisuke Taniguchi, Naohiro Takanashi

Analysis of photometric and spectroscopic variability of red supergiant Betelgeuse
Daniel Jadlovsky, Jiri Krticka, Ernst Paunzen, Vladimir Stefl

The second paper says that after the Dimming, the Betelgeuse mode of variability has fundamentally changed and is now instead following a shorter period of ∼200d (cf ~400+d, plus several longer periods, in previous epochs)