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Alex Pratt


This is my third – and final – attempt to post a comment. During my two previous attempts I vieweed them, clicked on Edit to change some punctuation – and my messages vanished! Argh! (Gone to a parallet universe?)

Try again…again…

The human eye and brain combine to help us perceive scenes with wide ranges of brightness and contrast. My 8-bit video of the occultation is a low quality representation of the view recorded by my biological sensor. I pondered whether to expose for the limb (and have a faint Mars) or for Mars (and have a washed out limb. I chose the latter.

Most observers who submitted composite images (bigger well depth, etc) mentioned that in their Comments. Almost all publicity images from HST and JWST are nothing like the original – we expect that and accept it. Likewise, many submissions to astrophotography competitions have been heavily processed – a combination of good seeing, a well-collimated ‘scope and the observer’s skills with image processing software.

It’s also nice to see members’ images that are ‘straight out of the can’.

Clear skies,


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