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David Boyd

Observing statistics for 2022

According to my records 2022 was another poor year here in South Oxfordshire. I record the number of nights on which I was able to make at least one photometry observation as a percentage of the number of nights when I was at home and potentially able to observe if weather permitted. I think this is a fair estimate of the percentage of observable nights in the year.

In 2022 that was 102 nights out of 282 = 35.8% (2021 35.5%). The best months were March and August, the worst September and December. Plots of these percentages by month for 2022 and annual percentages from 2005 to 2022 are attached.

During 2022 I made 311 photometry runs on specific targets comprising 17002 measured images. This included several multi-hour runs observing flare stars. I also recorded 130 spectroscopy runs with 2932 spectra measured.