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Martina McGovern

Thanks for your feedback Grant and for trying to find out any contacts from your friend.

I’m buying one of these from a contact in an Astro Facebook Group – he makes them himself – I’ll try it out then get more if they fit my scopes;

Also, I ordered the bigger Silica bags this morning, with self indicator and are reusable – that as you say, I will tape them securely to the inside of the scope’s dust-cap.

I have Baader Wonder fluid and Pec Pads that I use to clean the front of my scopes and the CMOS cameras – so I’m starting to think I might try to take the Corrector plate off the Edge HD – I’ve found two YouTube videos and will watch them closely and decide it I’m brave enough to give it a go…..😉😊

When you say, “.. so went over to forced ventilation..” what do you mean by this? and how did you achieve it – did you buy a special kit?

Thanks again