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Martina McGovern

Update on 8″ SCT:

Well, I summoned up enough courage yesterday to take on the task of cleaning the inside of my Corrector plate on my 8” EdgeHD SCT– I was very anxious about it – I didn’t want to damage my baby. In summary, it was a success 🙂

I watched several YouTube videos (you gotta love YouTube videos – you guys that do them are brilliant) and jumped in…..
e.g. found this one very helpful

I have bought some Wisedry 20g rechargeable Silica Gel desiccant packets to tape to the inside of the Dust caps of my biggest scopes.
I also bought a Nosepiece Desiccant holder i.e.

Here are two images after I cleaned the scopes.

Thanks to all on this ‘thread’ for your support and guidance.