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Dr Paul Leyland

To be a little more serious this time. I may be able to help to some extent, though not with Peranso (my “a frayed knot” comment) because I picked up a very low amplitude EA variable in my analysis of MAXI J1870+070 data. On that occasion I was lucky because an entire primary eclipse occurred in a single night’s data. Subsequent analysis of a few weeks data, not with Peranso, dug out the secondary minimum. The depths are about 25 and 10mmag respectively, well within the range of an exoplanetary transit. Until the secondary showed up I did wonder whether an exoplanet had been found.

All this took place almost five years ago and I will need to refresh my memory before more detail can be given. One of the projects still waiting for another delivery of round tuits is to see what else can be found in this data set and a few others waiting in storage.