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Mr Ian David Sharp

Unfortunately I was just too young to go on the Monte Umbe trip (15y), but I was old enough to go to Earls Court to see Pink Floyd in May of ’73 to hear the whole of Dark Side of the Moon live. An eclipse is just an eclipse, but this gig will never be forgotton! I have no regrets.

Interestingly, EMI gave a press reception at the London Planetarium in February 1973 just after the release of DSOTM, but only Richard Wright of the band attended. The others were not happy with the inferior sound system brought in by EMI. Fussy lot these rock gods


Indeed! I didn’t make the DSotM tour in ’73 but did go to see them at Wembley in ’74 (I was 14) thanks to a huge trip organised by our very own Dr John Mason! There were two coaches that went from the Chichester High School for Boys!