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Grant Privett

I wanted to write my own code for controlling the camera without carrying along the huge baggage of filter wheels, dome control, mounts, derotators etc that will never be used.

As I have written code previously for the cameras to run under VB6 I hoped it wouldn’t be stupidly difficult.

With the RPi, I have found the problem to be that I do not have drivers for the SX cameras. I made it so the RPi recognises my Lodestar camera when it is plugged in, but it doesn’t have a driver to associate.

Previously, I went looking for the EKOS source on github and when I searched for the phrases “Starlight” or “sx” I found nothing. Having, accidentally, missed the introduction of github I must admit to some confusion/uncertainty as to how it works but didn’t seem able to find anything about the SX cameras. Must get a “Github for Dummies” book sometime.

Prompted by you I have now again looked at the Indi site and this time spotted that the cpp driver code appears to be available at
I will download it all shortly.

I shall have a play. Not quite sure how it will go, as its 20 years since I did C++ in anger, so it should be an interesting learning experience. There may be bad language at some point. Hopefully, I can eventually tie it all into Python / QT.

If anyone has already gone this route. Any “lessons learned” would be welcome.