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Dr Paul Leyland

Ah, yes. I remember ansvr. Its a cygwin thing isn’t it? Surprised the guy who did the conversion job has not updated it Apparently, the absence of a true Windows version is due to the way AN maps the Index files to memory.

I was forced over to WSL (or Linux on a Rpi) because the ansvr version of AN is quite old and it was failing to solve some sparsely populated fields, while the latest AN did.

Ansvr certainly worked okay most the time though.

Thanks Grant.

Perhaps I should run the latest server on a Linux box which shares the control room with the Windoze TCS. It may well be faster and more effective than ANSVR (apologies for my typo earlier) but I’ve not yet done it on the grounds that if it aint broke, don’t fix it.

Both systems use the Gaia index files so images almost always solve because there is a large number of stars in those files. The Linux local installations (another one lives on my laptop) are not yet configured as servers so I will need to find out how to do that.