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Howard Lawrence

Hello Denis and thanks for your welcome. Picking up the pieces following Bob’s sudden death has been difficult and one problem is that the time I’ve available is much less than Bob devoted. So tasks like going through his computer files, finding contacts and boxes of archives has had to wait its turn. I do not have direct access to his emails though I can request his widow, Pam, to have a look. Another problem we have is that the contacts message system currently in use is very hit and miss. I’ve looked back at them and cannot spot any message from you. Could you please forward any correspondence on this to ? This is the email address we are now trying to use for all official CfDS matters since (in theory) other committee members can access it if I am incapacitated.
I have little experience of the CfDS awards system (though I co-presented once). If Bob couldn’t present the award in person he had an extensive network of contacts throughout the UK to ask to present the award locally. I shall have to find some blank “good lighting awards” or the file to print. Is there a particular time / opportunity to present the award that you are aiming for? As to who should sign them, that is another question. Since my title is acting I feel that awards signatures should come with more prestige. I will ask David Arditti if he is prepared to take over this responsibility.