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Dr Paul Leyland

Richard: I have just checked again. In the text which follows I have replace square brackets with curly brackets and put a space each side of the : characters. This is to defeat any attempt by the forum software here to make my text into hyperlinks.

If one goes to the end of the page then down at the bottom one finds:

Planispheres (https : // have rotating discs that allow you to set the date against the time and display the current night sky. See also https : //

The Youtube link is active and is clickable. The one intended to reach britastro is not clickable, for me anyway. I am using the Firefox browser.

If one examines the HTML source, the clickable version reads

{a href=”https : //″}https : //{/a}

but the other only

Planispheres (https : //

There should be {a} {/{a} tags wrapped around the latter.

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