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Grant Privett

After some thought and contemplation on how little spare time I seem to have, I am trying to give in and go over to using Indi and then controlling the Lodestar using that, from Python – possible apparently.

I had a look at the website and saw a GetIndi>RaspberryPi link so, I pressed that and was informed:

“INDI Library is available for Raspbian Buster.”

I checked the target RPi and its a later version of Raspbian. On the off chance I tried installing it anyway, but there were lots of errors (no ordure Mr Detective) – I will redownload the image and refresh the machine later.

So, I’m now wondering whether Astroberry is actually under development still. Certainly Astroberry’s github site looks like its not been updated in 2 years. As RPis are now up to version 5 – which I think does have an onboard clock – its looking out of date.

I suppose I could just get an old image – rather than install on a fresh Pi installation – but that does sound a bit clunky.
I wondered about Alpaca/Ascom but, from the sometimes incomprehensible webpage, I didn’t get that warm fuzzy sense that it had drivers suitable for Starlight Xpress on a RPi. It sounded like it would connect if someone had written/provided an Alpaca compatible/RPi driver, but has anyone?

Ho hum. Need to ponder – Confused of Wiltshire