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William Stewart

Hi All,

This comet is predicted to occult the 12.5 magnitude star UCAC4 643-061621 on Monday 04th Dec 2023 at 22:29 GMT. Maximum predicted duration is 0.7s. The star will be low in the NW at that time (12 degrees) and the shadow path runs roughly N-S through England and Scotland.
Whether or not a dip in the brightness of the star will be detectable will of course depend on how bright the comet is at the time. This may however be a useful opportunity to gain a light profile of the coma.
My observatory is right on the edge of the predicted shadow path and I’ll need to do some trials to establish if local obstructions will prevent me making this observations – I may need to dust off the mobile system!

Details of this stellar occultation are available here:

Let’s hope the weather cooperates.

Best regards