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Alex Pratt

A while after 01:00 UT on December 12 Betelgeuse will be occulted by asteroid (319) Leona. It’s very rare for such a bright star to be occulted and this ‘once in a lifetime’ event will be used to model the photosphere of Betelgeuse.

Recent occultations of other stars by Leona have determined its dimensions, showing that it subtends (perhaps) a slightly smaller apparent diameter than Betelgeuse, giving a partial / annular occultation of 11s duration. The 142 km-wide shadow track passes over China, Turkiye, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and southern Florida (USA), and more than 80 observers are participating in this pro-am campaign. They will record the occultation using various filters and some teams plan to obtain high resolution spectra.


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