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Denis Buczynski

Being only two years away from my 50 year membership of the BAA I am left feeling a little deflated by this anouncement of the scrapping of honorary membership by the Trustees. It is not the subscription money that I would have saved if my membership became honorary and therefore free, but it will be the lost feeling of pride and achievement that missing out on the award of an honorary membership by the Association that I have been proud to have belonged to for most of my adult life. Also I look back at the list of previous honorary members and I would have felt an extra pride that I would have joined their ranks. The sending of a certificate will not engender that same feeling of pride. I will not stop being a member of the BAA, my intention is to remain a member for the rest of my life. Now I suppose, looking forward, my main achievement may be to have an obituary published in the JBAA! I have been an active member of the BAA for almost 50 years and have participated in most of the BAA’S activities and contributed to its publications over those years. I was not asked about this decision before it was made,perhaps a rethink my be appropriate before it is sanctioned and ratified. Perhaps it is right that we recognise members who have been supportive of the BAA for so long. We are not a Association who are bereft of funds, both currently and going forward so why can’t we honour our long standing members in this way. I would be happy to send my membership fee to the BAA as a benefactor after being awarded an honorary membership.It is the recognition, by the Association, of long participation and continuous membership that is important to me not the free membership.
Denis Buczynski