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Alex Pratt

It is very sad to hear of Roger’s passing. He was a true gent.

One story I can relate – after the VSS Workshop in Edinburgh in October 2008 I suggested various eateries along the Royal Mile, but Roger gave me a gentle ribbing because every place we checked was full. Eventually, we tried the restaurant at Deacon Brodie’s and they accommodated us with several tables for our group. With a grin, Roger said I had redeemed myself. 🙂

Melvyn Taylor left a large archive of unrecorded VS observations (thousands submitted by VSS observers and thousands of his own). Roger was a great help in graciously receiving my almost interminable scans of the report forms per star and he coordinated with the small group of data input volunteers to upload them into the VSS database.

He will be missed by many. My condolences to his family and friends.