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David Arditti

OK, I’ve given this a go, and I found the words are extremely difficult to fit to the tune, especially the final line of each quatrain. The secret is to put the main stresses there on the B of ‘British’ and the A of ‘Association’. The final word has to be sung ‘As-so-ci-a-tion’, not, as printed in 1924, ‘Associ-a-ti-on’

To get a unified rendition of it, with a group, one would need to print up an accented copy of the words, similar to what church choirs use for singling psalms.

It would work best, exactly as the report says, with one person singing all the words, and the rest joining in only on the choruses consisting of repeats of the last pair of lines in each quatrain.

If people are serious about this, I’ll offer to conduct a rehearsal.