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Grant Privett

I recently used VIIRS data taken over the last decade to look at the flux recorded for my area of south Wiltshire and found, as I would expect, massive increases from towns like Amesbury. Looking more generally, even at villages, it appears that these are getting brighter too. The glow from Salisbury is spreading outward.

I tried pointing out to the local lighting officer and my County Councillor that lower colour temperature LEDs were better, as they reduced scattered light in hazy/foggy conditions, but they seemed largely ignorant or believed I was some sort of nut. Plus the manufacturers sell the bluer lights at a lower price.

Consequently, the green areas of the Philips light pollution map in South Wiltshire have extended and blue areas in Witshire, Dorset and Somerset are shrinking.

If you stand in the middle of a roundabout in Wiltshire you will be able to read a newspaper down to the fine print.

I pointed out to a Lighting Engineer that “Guidelines” are only guidelines and not rules. His response was that wouldn’t do him any good if a coroner investigating a road traffic accident asked him why Guidelines were not followed.