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Andy Wilson

Interesting. I am seeing some weird and inconsistent behaviour. Unless there is a simple answer I am missing, I suggest me and Callum take this offline.
When I try the Journal search function on “patrick moore” I get no hits (first screenshot), same whether I am logged in or not.
I tried a search on “M29” (I had left the quotation marks as I did it after my Patrick Moore search). First time I got some hits (2nd screenshot). Though this was simply the Journal, no indication of where in the Journal. So I tried a search on “Moore”, no luck. Then did a fresh search on “M29” and this second time nothing (3rd screenshot). I tried removing the quotes and no change.
I wonder if there is more than one place where you can search the Journal and the one I tried is not working, or at least not consistently, and the one Callum tried is working.
I went to Publications -> Journal then typed in the “Search Journals” box.

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