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William Bristow

Hello Jack,

You only see the pixel coordinates and values on the Status Bar at the bottom of the MaxIm desktop when the Status Bar is selected in the “View” menu, have an image open on the desktop and move the mouse pointer over the image.

If the mouse pointer is outside the open image window then the Pixel coordinates and value digits are not displayed.

As far as I know MaxIm installs all the libraries it needs to function stand-alone and only requires ASCOM components for integration with the observatory hardware but just in case this assumption is wrong and you’re installing on a new Windows 11 system make sure to enable Dot.Net 3.5, found in the Windows Features options of Windows Settings, then download and run <u>both</u> the installers for the two Microsoft Visual C/C++ Redistributable libraries linked below, these are no longer distributed with Windows 11, and then if not already installed, install the ASCOM platform.

Can’t think of anything else ATM that might prevent the pixel values appearing in the Status Bar.


Microsoft Visual C/C++ libraries for 86 bit applications.

Microsoft Visual C/C+c libraries for 64 bit applications.