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Jacopo Malnati

Yes the BAA does have Mary Ashley’s notebooks in its archives. To look at these you would have to speak to the archivists: see the inside back page of the Journal for their contact details. I’ll also message you privately about this.

David Arditti (President)

Hi David, will surely do! I can’t wait to dive into her notes; they must be truly fascinating. For now, I’ve enjoyed overlaying the only sketch of hers that I’ve managed to find within a publication (Selenographical Journal) onto a modern image. It’s just a draft without any pretensions, but it was interesting to see how attentive she was to certain details. I also plan to select some of the areas she observed and draw them myself, if I haven’t already done so in the past, to compare the sketches. I’ll get in touch with the archivists and as soon as I can, I’ll fly over to visit you. Literally.