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Andy Wilson

Hi Paul,

Is there a good reason why the expiry time is so ludicrously small? Other fora I frequent generally allow somewhere between five minutes and an hour. Long enough to spot speeling misteaks or to add an extra sentence of explanation, but not so long that it seriously distorts any historical perspective.

I think you misunderstood.

You can edit a post for up to something like 10 hours after you originally post it. There is another setting that prevents rapid editing of posts. A standard security measure within the forum, I think to prevent issues in case anyone’s account gets hacked, though this is not an area I have much involvement in. This had originally been set to 10 seconds, which is a bit too long. The website developer has amended this to 2 seconds. So anyone trying to edit within 2 seconds of clicking submit will find it won’t work. If they wait between 2 seconds and 10 hours they will be able to edit their post.