Access to database

Andy Wilson

Hi Steve,

It would probably have its own subsite on the BAA web server, separate to the VSS database website. That is not to say they can definitely not be accessed from the same website, but it could complicate matters. Especially if non variable star spectra are loaded into the database.

I would expect it to work in a similar way to the VSS database website. Users would login to upload their spectra. There would be pages to allow anyone to view spectra and also search for spectra.

Ideally the web front end would have the ability to change what is required depending on the type of object or campaign. For example it might be desirable to follow identical requirements to BeSS for some objects or campaigns, including for example response correction. However for other objects this might not be a requirement. On the other hand we might always allow observers to upload spectra without response correction, but flag up which spectra are corrected and which are not. It might be that meteor spectra would be loaded with a completely different non-fits file format, and so users would be required to manually populate basic information when they upload a meteor spectrum. This all adds to the complexity, but I think it would be doable.