Additional Photographs

William Stewart

Michael Guinan has been in touch to share a photograph of this fuel dump that he obtained from Waterford City, Ireland at 05:36 GMT on 2014 December 13th with a Canon 1Dx camera fitted with a 24 – 70mm lens. The exposure was 10s at at f/4 at ISO 6400. Below is the original and a crop.

Michael write, “I happened to be out photographing the stars on that morning and witnessed the fuel dump. It was an impressive sight. Although I am a beginner at astrophotography, I managed to capture some nice images of the fuel dump that I’d like to share (see attached). I hope you like them.

With many thanks to Michael for sharing these (am posting them here on behalf of Michael, with his permission) … great to see a widefield shot like this that puts the observation in context.