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Andy Wilson

Hi Nick,

I think you mean the ALPY guide module rather than a separate off axis guider. Though that doesn’t really matter for this discussion.

I assume that you are using the ATIK Titan for guiding. When you say no response, does it take an image which is blank, or can you not even get it to take any image with the Titan? I take it you are pointing your setup at the blank daytime sky for the solar spectrum. Note it should not be pointed at the Sun for a solar spectrum as the reflected light from the sky is easily bright enough. Pointing directly at the Sun would probably fry the guide camera and might do some other damage.

Otherwise you could try other software rather than MaxIm DL for guiding. Though I use MaxIm DL to acquire my spectrum images, I switched to the free PHD2 for guiding as I found it far superior.

Best wishes,