Alun and Robin,

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Mr Jack Martin

Alun and Robin,

Thank you for your advices.

I have not had a clear night to re test !

I don’t think that cross treading is an issue, the tension on the belt is not much at all, so far not a problem. BUT you never know, when I had the collimator lens housing out, I could see no evidence of cross threading.

Robin 2 questions;

1. I removed one fibre washer in the collimating lens housing – as you stated in a previous post – but the lens was loose in the housing, I put the fibre washer back. So, how did you overcome the loose fitting of the lens inside the housing without replacing the fibre washer ? Perhaps your Lhires is different to mine ?

2. I do not recall seeing this double calibration line until I motorised the Lhires !

So, if the double line is real, can it be used as a valid calibration line ?

I will be at the AAVSO meeting.



Essex UK