And the answer is..

Tim Haymes

Thanks Xilman.  i believe i have the answer now.   The secret is on the AIJ WCS settings page, where there is a tick box to constrain the search area to RA-Dec and the radius.  Turn this off.  Also uncheck the tick box to specify the pixel size.  One should be able to specify this exactly, but turning it off works. I also entered the correct RA-DEC centre and constrained the search.  The solves is lot quicker, as one might  suppose. Hopefully im now in a position to solve any field in AIJ

Another hint is to start “Watch ansvr.log”. This runs in a cmd window.  From this i was able to see the progress of the solve.  Im sure you’r already up to speed on this, but i note it here for anyone else ascending the same incline !