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Tim Haymes

This is a very interesting conversation. In the example of the Pulsar Dome and Rigel controller, i would be interested to learn if anyone has used the LesveDome software and POTH, as described in Sky at Night Magazine 2018 Sept 5
It can searched in Google.

I am reluctant to use an advanced application such as SkyX or MaximDL, as this is not my approach to imaging or telescope control, but i would like to control the dome via goto from CdC or similar with appropriate software to control the dome through the Rigel setup.  (I use SkyMapPro and EQMOD).  As you may be wondering, im completely new to the idea of dome control, but i am learning and interested in anyone’s experiences. I don’t currently have a dome.

The Sky at Night article was written by Steve Richards.

Thanks – Tim  (a future dome owner)