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Bill Ward

Another increment in dispersion ~.4nm/pix BUT this is a purely speculative version. That is, I’ve just assumed a couple  of lines and knocked up this colourised version for illustration purposes only. I can’t get any lines to fit this no matter what I do!

I’ve circulated the original image to the Nemetode group to see if fresh eyes can help however this is a beautifully dispersed spectrum and at the moment it’s completely unknown.

The wavelengths could also be running in the opposite direction. I’ve tried that too and still no joy. It is VERY frustrating. If any one wants a challenge contact me and I’ll be happy supply the orginal .bmp image produced by UFO capture. It’ll save me tearing any more hair out 😉 !



PS. Just for the record. I’ve edited this post and reversed the colourisation. IF the meteor ran as thought the wavelengths would run as the new graphic shows. Short wavelength on the left to longer wavelength on the right.