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William Bristow

It looks as though the manual has not yet been released, I think they rushed out the new suite before the Chinese New Year holiday.

I had a look at the Planetary Capture app ASICap and the imaging app ASIImg and they looked pretty straightforward to use. The functions only come alive when a camera is connected and powered on.

I will see if I can find a copy of the older version manuals for Windows and post a link for you. It might take me a while though…


I found a pdf guide for ASICAP in the Windows version of the ASIStudio and have attached it to this reply.

There is not a written guide as yet for ASIImg or ASILive in either the Windows or the Mac versions of ASI Studio. With all that is going on in China at the moment I think it will be a while before ZWO are able to provide the documentation.

Hopefully the attached .pdf doc will get you started with the ASICap app and the knowledge you pickup in that should see you manage with the ASIImg app. I have no experience with EEVA.

My own series one ASI120MM/MC cameras do not have coolers and are not fully supported in the ASI Studio suite so there is not much I can show you but ask and I will try to answer if you get stuck.