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Dominic Ford

OK – Yes, I think it was those images I was thinking of. It was something I saw scroll past on twitter a couple of months ago, so I can’t go back and check!

I suppose the selling point of a Goto system for me is that I’m often giving people tours of the sky, and you’ve usually only got half an hour before they get bored/cold, so a Goto system lets me show far more objects in that time than if I was finding them manually. Perhaps I’m just slow at star hopping…

What really annoys me about Goto is not being able to declutch and yank the telescope around without losing alignment. I’m quite tempted by the SkyWatcher FreedomFind thing which solves that by putting encoders on both axes. But I think the cheapest FreedomFind mounts are about £950, and at that price it’s not exactly top of my wish list…