BAA’s own remote telescope could work

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Peter Carson

I own and operate a 315mm Dall Kirkham reflector on a remote site in Spain. I moved the telescope from my back garden to its remote site just over two years ago and it has functioned superbly. It hasn’t had a human finger touch it in around 19 months as (touch wood) it has worked so reliably.

I think the BAA owning and operating a remote based telescope is a practical option although there a number of issues to overcome. For instance each morning after a dewy night I open up the observatory, move the telescope into the Sun to dry it out etc., who would do that? I am also familiar with the myriad of of controls that would puzzle a casual user. A User interface similar to those on a rental telescope would probably be required, but that would make it less flexible.

Despite obstacles, it could be made to work and even a single telescope would provide significant observing time provided it was located on a favourable site,