Blind solver

Grant Privett

I was finding could take up to 30s on a frame if it had no idea of your field size nor where it was pointing. 

However, for a 2700×2200 sensor its taking about 8 seconds per frame (using a Celeron 2 core 2.1GHz) if it knows the approx field location and size. But I was supplying it with coordinates for up to 2000 stars – looking for anything vaguely star shaped with an SNR>10. With a Lodestar that dropped to 2.5s. 

A lot of pieces of software don’t seem to consider a slowly moving target.

Silly question, would it be possible to edit the index files so that (say) all declinations further south than -20 were not included. That would improve the search time for blind searches. Has anyone done that?