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Robin Leadbeater

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The Starshoot might work to get you started but I have heard reports that it goes completely blank on fainter objects (even Saturn!) rather than show a noisy image so it might not work so well. In any case a mono camera would be much better for science (including spectroscopy and photometry) so that could be the way to go if that is where your interests lie. 

I see from your own page on here you have a small Newtonian on a driven mount. That will work well with the Star Analyser.  For starters, just focus the Star Shoot on Betelgeuse, then screw the SA on the front of the camera nosepiece, refocus slightly to pick up the features in the spectrum  and see what you get. (There will be two spectra, one either side of the star image, go for the brighter one and adjust the exposure so it is not over exposed). You should be able to see something like this spectrum of Delta Virginis on my website, though perhaps without the extended range into the IR as your camera probably has an IR blocking filter built in. The broad bands are from TiO molecules which form in the atmosphere of cool stars.

Good Luck!