Campaign update, July 13

Jeremy Shears

This Dwarf Nova has been in outburst since last Sunday (6 July) and was still at 16.9C this morning (Richard Sabo, Bozeman, US).

Time-series photometry conducted on several nights this week by Ian Miller (Swansea, UK) and Richard Sabo has shown superhumps with superhump period, Psh ~ 0.088 d. There is some uncertainty on the period and significant aliasing associated with the short runs that are necessitated by the short nights at these 2 observatories at this time of year. These data are consistent with the dwarf nova being a member of the SU UMa family. The measured value of Psh suggests is is probably not an ER UMa system.

The campaign will continue as we still need to determine the outburst and superoutburst periods. In addition, further photometry during future superoutbursts will help to confirm the Psh of this frequently outbursting dwarf nova. Further info on the BAA VSS website.

Go well!