Chi Cygni Spectrum

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Mike Harlow

I thought it would be interesting to compare spectra of chi Cygni and mu cephei as they are both famous red stars.

I used the on loan BAA objective prism on my 12inch F/6.8 astrograph stopped to 4 inches and an un-modified Canon 550 DSLR.  Despite the limited spectral range of the DSLR the spectra are clearly quite different. Comparison spectra are on the Orwell Astronomical Society forum:

Only a quick look at this stage, I hope to get a CCD spectrum with the same set up in the next few weeks.

I also observed visually and chi Cygni was clearly visible to the naked eye.  And through my 4 inch F/5 guide scope mu Cephei appeared to be redder than chi Cygni.