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Andy Wilson


I will just a bit of clarification.

Yes, you can submit clear photometry, though you should probably use CV. This means clear filter (or unfiltered) using V-band comparison stars. The important point here is that while your own observation might be made with a clear filter, the comparison star magnitudes will have been made through a V filter, or at least you should try to obtain V filter magnitudes from the BAA or AAVSO charts.

The full list of filters can be seen near the bottom of the review observations page of the BAA Photometry Database. Note as far as possible we try to stay in-line with the AAVSO on filters and filter codes. This makes life easier when combining data from different databases.

If you have a spare slot in the filter wheel, it might also be worth trying truly unfiltered observations, as for some targets a slightly higher signal may be preferable to a luminance filter.

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BAA Photometry Database Manager