Forums Mercury Transit of Mercury Cloud!

Philip Jennings

Thanks!  Some cracking results on this thread.  I forgot to mention in my first post by the way that drawings of the transit are very welcome as well as photos (obviously to send to Paul Abel/Chris Hooker as well as me!).

I had very little success here in Malton, but the clouds did clear for about 5 minutes at 13:40 UT and I was able to see and very clumsily photograph the transit by projection using a folded refractor.  Unfortunately the dog picked up on my excitement at this moment, and by the time I had persuaded him to lick neither my face nor the objective lens the clouds had once again set in.  Of course, it became beautifully clear just after sunset!

I didn’t have time to get a detailed drawing, but I did briefly notice some faculae – did anyone else see this in white light?