CSS 121005:212625+201948 campaign update‏‏‏ – Aug 23

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Jeremy Shears

In my previous note, I mentioned the brief outburst of CSS from Aug 2 to 5. Since then the star has been languishing at minimum of about ~19 or lower. That is until last night (Aug 22), when it was again in bright outburst. Ian Miller conducted a 2 h time series photometry run in the early hours of today (Aug 23) which showed the star at ~16.0, with a pretty flat light curve. What will tonight bring? A fade or the start of a long outburst? Only further observations will tell!

These notes are based on observations in the BAA VSS Database and the AAVSO International Database by Juan-Luis Gonzalez Carballo, Kenneth Menzies, Ian Miller, Roger Pickard, Richard Sabo and myself. Further observers are welcome.

Go well!